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The Q: A monthly newsletter for librarians and their collegues
The Q
The latest news from ProQuest for K-12 school media specialists, teachers, and their colleagues.

We help educators capture students’ curiosity, inspiring them to learn through an extraordinary range of college prep and career-readiness resources, and scholarly content. ProQuest introduces students to the information they will need to search and discover, evaluate, and use throughout their academic lives.
"There is no such thing as a child who hates to read; there are only children who have not found the right book."
Public Libraries Make a Difference:
5 Key Benefits of Summer Education Programs
Summer vacation threatens to reverse many of the achievement gains that students—and teachers—worked so hard to reach during the previous school year. Low-income students are especially vulnerable to the “summer slide.” According to the Young Adult Library Services Association, low-income students “lose more than two months in math skills and reading achievement, despite the fact that their middle-class peers make slight gains.” Summer education programs can stop the summer slide.
The Impact of Summer Programs
ProQuest "Share This" Blog
Connect with the ProQuest Guided Research Editors
ProQuest's Guided Research editors know that the younger the researcher, the more guidance they need to discover content and develop information literacy skills. Our goal is to create a valuable and engaging research experience starting with researchers in elementary school so that they can take and apply that knowledge throughout their academic journeys. We operate on three core principles to help student researchers discover relevant content quickly: curate, simplify and connect.
ProQuest "Share This" Blog
Stay up to date on eLibrary
All-new eLibrary coming later this year 
ProQuest is enhancing our Guided Research products to deliver more full-text, improved research outcomes, responsive design, better value and less administration. By year's end, you'll find a completely redesigned and eLibrary experience.
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AASL Awards and Grants
ProQuest Sponsors 2 Distinguished ALA/AASL Awards: Meet the 2017 Award Recipients 
Intellectual Freedom Award
Awarded to: Amy Bradley, school librarian, Risley Middle School, Brunswick, Ga.

Distinguished School Administrator Award
Awarded to: Warren Drake, superintendent of schools, East Baton Rouge Parish (La.) School System
Full List of AASL Awards  
"There is no such thing as a child who hates to read; there are only children who have not found the right book."
Academic Video Online Helps to Increase Student Engagement with Exciting Content 
Video is an important medium of communication. Whether you watch on your phone for fun, use it in a professional presentation, or integrate it into the classroom experience to help explain a complicated theory or concept, video is a now a part of everyday life. Education benefits from the use of video, whether it be for professional development or one-on-one help with a student, and Alexander Street/ProQuest is here to help support your mission.
Academic Video Online
6 Benefits of Teaching Controversial Political Issues to Students
6 Benefits of Teaching Controversial Political Issues to Students 
A recent four-year study on the teaching of controversial political issues in the high school classroom found that students do indeed want to learn about controversial political issues. It also found that teaching controversial political issues has real benefits for students, even—or especially—in these politically polarized times. The first 2 benefits are: engagement and political literacy.
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